About us
Yash Fashion was founded in 2001 and has been rapidly developing for more than 18 years. Exclusive sellers of modern designs and high quality suits, coats, jackets, lining and trouser fabrics for both men and children with a great pricing policy.

The company also owns its own warehouse in (Moscow) Russia.
Italian and Polish designers take part in the design and creation of our collections. Production of fabrics are from the countries which are pioneers in the fabric industry for the quality such as: Turkey, India, China, Taiwan and other Asian countries. Our company focuses on unique designs , high quality fabrics at a very competitive price range and delivery on time.

The main sales markets are Russia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus and Germany.

Yash Fashion is catering customers with offices in Asian Region ( India) Middle East (United Arab Emirates) Europe ( Germany and Poland) Russia ( CIS Countries).
Terms of cooperation
Minimum lot: 1 roll (50 m) per color.

Production time: 3-4 months

Delivery in Moscow is carried out free of charge to the warehouse of the customer or transport company. For other regions, feel free to contact us and visit us:
Contact us for any questions
Теl: +7 916 347 0873 | +7 915 444 9143
E-mail: info@yashfashion.ru
Add: 105082 Москва, ул. Фридриха Энгельса, д. 75, стр.
21, подъезд 1, этаж 2, офис 202